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Useful Tips for Using Our Software

Simple Ace, like any software, offers features that makes your job easier. And, like any software, it’s necessary to use it and take full advantage of features and functions.

Here some tips and “how to" that are frequently asked by our customers, and we believe this will be helpful to you. Because, you will agree, the more you master software such as Simple Ace, the more productive you are!

How to add a shipment to a manifest that is already accepted

You have submitted your e-manifest, it has been accepted and you must now add a shipment. You can do it easily. Here’s how:

First, create the new shipment to add. Then open the manifest control screen. Locate the manifest that you want to add the created shipment too, and double-click on it. In the window that opens, click on the blue “+”. A list of unassigned shipments will appear, choose the shipment to add. All you have to do is save your manifest by clicking on the blue check mark. The manifest will be resubmitted to customs (CBP or CBSA) and a response indicating an additional shipment should be returned to you. “Accepted (Modification)”

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How to modify a manifest

You need to modify a manifest? Follow these steps.

In the manifest control screen, select the manifest to modify by double-clicking on it. In the window that opens, right-click on the item to modify and choose either “Modify Trip Information” or “Modify Shipment”. All you have to do is modify the desired information. Save your changes. Your manifest will be resubmitted to CBP or CBSA with modifications. Result “Accepted (Modification)” will come back to you if all is OK.

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Your driver has arrived at Canada Customs and you need to change your ACI?

Be aware that it is quite possible to modify an electronic manifest (ACI) even if your driver has already arrived at the port of entry. Here is what you will have to do in such a situation.

First, you must request an administrative reject of the manifest by the CBSA officer. Once done, return to the manifest control screen. Select the manifest to modify and right-click. Choose “Correction”. Make your changes and save them. If there are no errors, your manifest should go into modification mode and return with the word, “Accepted (Modification)”.

How to cancel an e-manifest

For various reasons, you may have to cancel an e-manifest. With Simple Ace, it’s easy to do it. First click on the “Manifest Control” button. Then select the manifest (ACE or ACI) you want to cancel. In the main menu, click the crooked red arrow icon. This will cancel your manifest.

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How to search in manifest history

Looking for a specific ACE or ACI manifest? Here’s how to find it easily.

On the Manifest Control screen, select the “ACE Manifest (s)” tab or the “ACI Manifest (s)” tab depending on the manifest you are looking for. Check the “See finished from” box and enter the desired date using the available calendar. Click on the green wheel icon to refresh the screen. You should then see all the finished manifests. By clicking on the magnifying glass symbol, you can search for a manifest by entering either the manifest number or the PAPS or PARS.

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What is the color code indication

Manifest control gives you lots of information and allows you, among other things, to see if your manifest has been accepted or if there is a problem with it using a simple and effective color code which, with a glance, tells you the problems requiring attention.

  • Green line means all entry numbers have been received. No problem!
  • Yellow line means one or several entry numbers have not been received.
  • Red line means port of entry are mismatched, port on manifest is different from port entered by customs brokers.
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Simple Ace the ideal solution for ACE and ACI manifests

Simple Ace offers you a powerful software solution for the production and management of your electronic manifests. Don’t waste time, our professionals can provide you with technical support 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.

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