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Integrate Simple Ace Into Your Dispatch System

You create your orders in your computer system and re-enter the same data in another software or online application to produce your eManifest? If this is your situation, bet that it would be most beneficial to find THE solution that would save you this duplicate data entry of your trips. We have it?

A Perfect Solution for You

Our experts have looked into this costly situation which decreases your performance both financially and time-consuming, as well as errors in the retranscription of the data. We then developed a solution that gives you the advantage of killing two birds with one stone. Integrated with your dispatch system, Simple Ace allows you to produce your electronic manifests in one step thanks to its automatic import feature.

Integrate with your system dispatch

Import Data and Save Time

When you enter your trips data in your dispatch system, this data is automatically retrieved and sent by FTP communication to Simple Ace. The production and transmission of your electronic manifest (ACE and ACI) is done without your intervention.

Messages returned by Customs and Border Protection (CBP) or the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) are quickly relayed to you. Recovered by your dispatch system, you can then see if your manifest has been accepted or rejected. You also have access to information related to errors, events, and releases related to the transmitted e-manifest.

Simple Ace: an indispensable tool

This most useful tool, Simple Ace allows you to produce your electronic manifests without any hassle. Integrated into your dispatch system, all the work is done in a single operation. This saves you valuable time while ensuring that the data included in your e-manifest matches perfectly with your trip data.

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