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Are you respecting the CBSA one-hour delay?

In a Notice to Motor Carriers, the Canada Border Services Agency reminds everyone that eManifest data must be received and validated by the CBSA at least one hour prior to the arrival of the truck at the first point of arrival. Failure to comply with this deadline may result in fines ranging from $250 to $750.

Rule of Thumb

It is important to specify that the one-hour delay begins ONLY when the electronic manifest is accepted by the CBSA and not when it is transmitted. Whether you use the CBSA portal, EDI transmission, or a service provider such as Simple Ace, you must wait for a notification from the CBSA that your manifest is accepted before you start the 60-minute countdown.

One-hour delay

Cancellation and retransmission of the manifest resets the delay

If you cancel the transmission of your eManifest and resubmit, you must restart your one-hour delay. For example, you submitted an e-manifest at 7:00 AM and you received confirmation of acceptance at 7:05 AM. Your delay time starts and your truck can arrive at the first point of arrival at 8:05 AM. For a variety of reasons, you cancel the manifest at 7:15 AM to upload a new version. Your new manifest is accepted at 7:20 AM, your one-hour delay is reset, and your driver will not be able to arrive at customs until 8:20 AM.

Did you know that modifications to a manifest (not cancelled) will not affect the one-hour delay?

How to easily verify acceptance of a manifest in Simple Ace?

With Simple Ace, it’s easy to know when your driver can show up at Canada Customs. From Simple Ace main menu, click on the “Manifest Control” button. Then choose the tab “ACI Manifest (s)”. In the list of your manifests, select the manifest you want to check, and look at its status. If it says “Accepted,” it means your manifest has been validated by the CBSA. In the “Date” column, you can see the time at which it was accepted. This time starts the one-hour delay.

One-hour delay CBSA

If you view the manifest (or print) see “Manifest submitted:” your delay starts with this date and time.

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