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Here is a question we are often asked: Is it possible to connect to Simple Ace with a smartphone or tablet? The answer: yes, of course! The web version of Simple Ace is accessible everywhere you have an Internet connection. However, a prerequisite and certain limitations must be taken into account.


Let’s say it’s 7 pm and you’re having a family dinner at the restaurant. One of your drivers calls you. He is stuck at customs. The e-manifest for his trip contains an error. Of course, you do not have access to your computer, but you have your smartphone or tablet. You will be able to correct the manifest while enjoying your family.

Simple Ace on mobile

Use Your Phone or Tablet With Simple Ace

For the moment, the Web version of Simple Ace is not responsive. Which means that it does not adapt to the screen format of the mobile device being used. It is therefore a little more difficult to use a phone to create your manifests, because the fields to fill are quite small. On the other hand, to correct a manifest, it is very easy to do.

On a tablet the creation of manifests and access to different options of the application is easier. As the screen is larger, you are able to fill in the required fields for the transmission of your electronic manifests without any problem.

A Prerequisite: The Puffin Browser

Navigateur Puffin

To connect to Simple Ace on a mobile device, you will need to first install Puffin Browser. With a button, this browser allows you to display or hide the keyboard of your device. This option is essential to be able to fill in the fields of the application.

You can download Puffin from their website or through the App Store for Apple products and Google Play Store for Android products. Once, in the browser enter the address “”, choose the English or French version and login. You are now able to use Simple Ace on your phone and tablet!

Simple Ace

You have questions? We have clear answers! Our priority: to offer you an effective solution for your electronic manifests while cultivating honesty and trust in our relations with you.

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