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Transmit your ACE & ACI e-manifests directly to your drivers

Once upon a time there was a driver who had to stop at a truck stop before going to customs to pick up the papers he had to show to the customs officer … is this situation familiar for you?

Why stop when it is now possible to receive the necessary information directly in the cab? What saving of time and money do you think these automatic and direct messages represent?

Considerable without a doubt!

How does it work?

Using Simple Ace, when you create your e-manifest, you enter all the required information and submit it to the CBSA in the case of an ACI and to CBP in the case of an ACE. Once your manifest is accepted, this is where the magic begins! The necessary information is automatically communicated to the driver via email or e-text depending on your Simple Ace configuration.

In the message sent to the driver, you will find:

  • Trip number;
  • Driver’s name;
  • Registration number of the truck;
  • Date and time the manifest was accepted;
  • Control number of PAPS or PARS;
  • Entry number associated with PAPS or PARS;
  • Port of entry.
Section 321


Driver can now print the transmitted information or transcribes it in order to show it to the customs officer and to clear customs quickly. Your driver lost the message? You can return it to him in a jiffy! Right click on the line of the manifest in question and you select the option that allows you to resend the message to your driver. No waste of time!


Available Messaging Technologies

Communication of information to your drivers is possible with different messaging technologies such as Unicom Mobile, Geotab, ISAAC, Shaw Tracking, Fleet Complete and others. Simple Ace offers a flexible, easy-to-use and high-performance solution.

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