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CBSA : technical support limited to emergency situations

Starting January 1, 2018 the Technical Commercial Client Unit (TCCU), who provides technical support regarding transmitting data to the CBSA issues, will no longer be accepting calls after hours for issues that do not constitute an emergency.

Situations that constitute an emergency

An emergency is a situation which prevents clients from transmitting data to the CBSA or receiving data from the CBSA and which cannot wait for resolution until the next business day.
You have transmitted an eManifest to CBSA and you would like to know the status of your transaction? As a non-emergency situation, TCCU won’t answer your call outside of business hours.

Here are situations that do not constitute an emergency:

  • Confirmation if CBSA received a transmission
  • Confirmation on whether a transaction has been accepted
  • Confirmation on the status of a transaction
  • Confirmation if a Border Services Officer (BSO) has made a decision on a transmission

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