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Attention carriers! are you ready?

ACI Deadline is approaching rapidly

CBSA has mentioned that many thousands of transport companies are not ready for the new regulations concerning ACI e-manifest as of today.

Simple Ace welcomes transport companies that are not ready or set up with CBSA to contact us and join our satisfied customers. We are sure that our experience and expertise will be beneficial to your company for the integration of ACI e-manifests in your operations.

Many portal (CBP and CBSA) users have opted to use Simple Ace to produce both their ACE and ACI e-manifest in our simple to use system. Simple Ace's ease of integration with the CBP and the CBSA has eliminated many headaches for numerous transport companies.

November 1st, 2012 is the deadline; do not wait till the last minute, because transport companies not adhering to ACI regulations will be denied access to Canada as of November 1st, 2012. No exceptions and no extensions. As thousands of transport companies are waiting till the last minute, we suggest you don`t wait any longer to avoid the last minute rush and chaos.

Simple Ace clients have been successfully and easily crossing the Canadian border with ACI e-manifest since December 2010, using Simple Ace.

CBP ACE and CBSA ACI certified

PAPS and PARS entry numbers available and printed on ACE and ACI e-manifest

Contact us today, we can help you, we can set you up rapidly
We are ready!
We know how it works!
Please contact us and see for yourself!
Everything you need to know about ACI e-manifest.

Tired of paying fees for faxes – and stopping a truck at a truck stop to pick up a fax of your ACE / ACI e-manifest. Simple Ace has a solution, by using our e-text feature; the driver can receive all pertinent information on ACE or ACI in cab on his cellular phone or satellite device.

Save time and money by using e-text messaging service.

  • Simple Ace can assist you with the carrier code and SCAC registration process.
  • Simple Ace can provide you with the necessary PARS and PAPS barcodes labels.

For additional information, please do not hesitate to contact one of our customer service representatives at 1-866-920-2211.

Don’t delay; call us today to avoid penalties, fines and delays that could arise after March 31st!

Simple Ace; your e-manifest service provider of choice.

CBP and CBSA certified service provider.

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