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Follow our advice and be more efficient!

Sometimes just a few tips to help increase software performance. Simple Ace is no exception and we share our recommendations here so that your use of Simple Ace is always at its best.

Delete unnecessary data from shipments

We noticed that many customers do not delete shipment data that has been cancelled or that was created in error. Failure to remove this unnecessary data may cause slowdowns when using software, especially the Simple Ace web version.

The problem that arises is simple: the database behind Simple Ace gets heavier and queries become slower. An up-to-date database that does not contain useless data will always perform better than the opposite.

How to eliminate them!

Removing unnecessary shipments from the database is quite simple. Follow these steps:

  • Connect to Simple Ace
  • Go to “manifest control”
  • Select shipments tab
  • In the shipments screen select the one you want to cancel
  • Right click of the mouse and choose “Modify trip information”
  • The trip details will be displayed, click on the blue check mark (save changes)
  • Then click on the pale blue arrow curved upwards (cancel the trip)
  • Two small windows will appear one after the other. Answer the questions and it’s done!
Delete unnecessary data

In addition to keeping your database clean and efficient, eliminating old shipments allows you to always have an up-to-date list of your current trips in the “Shipments” tab and so you do not waste time looking for your trips!


Is your list of drivers up to date?

Another recommendation from our experts which allows you to be faster, is to keep your list of drivers up to date. This advice also applies to your unit and trailer lists.

When a driver is no longer working for you or has been created in error, you can indicate in his file that he is inactive by ticking the box to the right of his first name. Putting it inactive will ensure that when you have to choose the driver for a trip, the inactive drivers will not be in the driver drop-down list.

Simple Ace - Inactive driver

This advice may seem trivial if you do not have many drivers or units, but if you have a good turnover, the list can grow quickly and you will lose time looking for the name of the driver you want to select if you do not indicate the inactivity of those who are no longer employed by you.


Simple Ace combines performance and ease of use

Using Simple Ace, you produce your electronic manifests (ACE and ACI) quickly and easily. Our team of professionals helps you to use the software to ensure better productivity and save you unnecessarily down time.

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