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Simple Ace, one of the first service providers to be certified by both CBP for ACE in 2006 and CBSA for ACI  in 2010 (6th company certified by CBSA ).

Simple Ace, and numerous customers have been compliant with ACI e-manifest since 2010, CBSA and Simple Ace have encouraged their transport companies to become early adopters for ACI to avoid delays and penalties.

Having had numerous problems at CBSA border crossing (issues), we have acquired  an invaluable experience in the past several years. Simple Ace personnel is able to address most of the problems that can occur at a CBSA border crossing or ACI manifest related questions.

Simple Ace is an extremely user friendly software that is Web based, allowing ACE and ACI manifests to be easily produced at the same time in one system, using Simple Ace can save time and money.

Our communications system allows the transmission of pertinent manifest information on numerous mobile devices, satellite and other in cab devices, send messages to driver automatically, (Manifest# , PARS or PAPS # and associated entry numbers). This saves time and money, no more stopping at truck stops to pick-up manifest or faxes, allows drivers to know that they are  compliant to cross the border (CBP or CBSA).

On May 6, 2015, regulatory amendments supporting the e-manifest initiative were published in the Canada Gazette, Part II. e-manifest requirements for highway carriers are now mandatory and the CBSA is working with carriers on corrective measures to help them comply with requirements. The following implementation timelines apply:

With the implementation of e-manifest, highway carriers transporting goods into Canada are required to transmit cargo and conveyance data electronically using Simple Ace to the CBSA prior to arrival. The cargo and conveyance data must be received and validated by the CBSA a minimum of one hour before the shipment (transport truck) arrives at the border.

Numerous portal (CBP and CBSA) users have opted to use Simple Ace to produce both their ACE and ACI e-manifest in our simple to use system.

Simple Ace's ease of integration with the CBP (ACE) and the CBSA (ACI) has eliminated many headaches for numerous transport companies.

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